Lava Tube, formerly Da Big Kahuna, is locally owned.  It is a LOCAL restaurant and bar representative of Hawaii.  It is an alternative to the many franchised, large corporate venues building up in Waikiki. Lava Tube will offer fresh Hawaiian food that will be grown here in Hawaii.  We’ll focus on fresh food from Hawaii but we won’t get ridiculous.  We’ll have Spam, salt (OK, OK, some foods will have Hawaiian sea salt), pepper and some unusual spices will still be imported.  Beverages may be bottled elsewhere to be sure that we can offer a good drink to pair with whatever food you might order.    There will be some food concoctions that can flavor a toothpick but you can check out the various menu items to decide what sounds good to you.  If you don't want to eat, you'll have a good selection of drinks to choose including beer and a selection of tropical drinks with umbrellas and Hawaiian names. Our feature drinks will be A Real Pina Colada (in a pineapple) and of course a Mai Tai. Our service will be just as fresh. There might be times when our humor and sarcasm are difficult to separate but the Yelp reviews will usually keep us in check.  Having an appreciation of Hawaii—the land here, the people here, and the cultures here, are what make us “local” and you won’t have to leave your slippers at the door.